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April 27, 2017


Dolphin vaginas no longer a total mystery, thanks to Dal scientist

(Thanks to funny man)


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Didn't they open for KISS?

"Researchers probing marine mammal genitals"? They could get arrested for that around here...

Does this get filed under "Walter"?

Wait until they study the whales.

Free Willy, indeed.

One female dolphin who wished to remain anonymous remarked with a scowl "It's true what they say about Flipper. He really is faster than lightning."

I assume this will open a whole plethora of jobs in Dolphin-related services, right?

Or else just abbreviate my comment to "Scientists! Ugh!"

Somehow the language of dolphins just got blown up in our faces. Idiot

And who says they have have reproductive organs like humans? The scientists? Ok, got me. Sheesh.
Next thing they will be telling you is they do it for fun..
I don't know about some people..

Key quote that explains everything:

The big question everyone asks Orbach is "why?" Why do you want to study the genitals and copulation of marine mammals?

Her answer: "Who doesn't?"

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