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April 28, 2017


A neighborhood covered in poop is at war over whether majestic peacocks should stay

This is happening near where this blog lives.

(Thanks to Doug Hamilton and Ranald Adams)


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Florida's State Turd.

"...county law prohibits tampering with eggs or trapping and removing peafowl unless they are transferred to a protected place."

How about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? In February.

I saw The Majestic Pooping Penguins open for Buster Poindexter. Helluva show.

Lake Oswego (OR) has had to deal with peafowl for awhile now. Many of the same problems and personalities involved

Send us some peacocks; we'll send you some geese.

Eventually to morph into a too-many-gators-and-pythons problem. Just need to wait it out.

Kudos to Linda Robertson for this article, especially this section:

"Double-decker tour buses began rolling through the lush lanes, disgorging passengers who took pictures and dropped cigarette butts in front yards."

Best use of 'disgorging' this century.

We have a flock of about 9 that are regularly in our front lawn (or on our roof). Since we have 3 dogs (and a cat) they don't come into our enclosed back yard much. With the dogs in the back and the Peacocks in the front, poop is pretty well evenly distributed over our property. I find it interesting that in Spanish the peacock is a "Pavo Real", which literally means "Royal Turkey" or "Royal Idiot" in English, your choice.

POOP WARS, coming this fall on Netflix.

I gather that the flamigos of yesteryear have been replaced with peacocks?

Give it time and science will prevail, replacing them with "new improved" raptors!

Burmese pythons, take note.

The article goes 'on 'n on'n on..
in the name of all birds, no less

Trump will solve the problem when he abolishes sanctuary cities, and presumably counties.

Sounds like Trump is setting up for a fall, not triumph.

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