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April 29, 2017


Beer is the best thing for pain ... and then blah blah blah a bunch of stuff about health blah blah blah.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Does anyone have any suggestions on the best beer to use for pain? A friend wants to know.

It depends on the hair of the dog' chihuahua seldom works..

@nursecindy - your friend might try Stella Artois. It is a Belgian beer, light but not sweet. I also like Heineken (Dutch). And any German beer, since they do not make any bad beer, but some are on a bitter side and very hoppy (hops flavour is strong). I know it from literature because I am a teetotaler and never in my life I drunk this devil's invention.

Any of the ones currently in your fridge will do, nc.

Sigh. We didn't make the top ten.

Well, there's always next year! C'mon folks get hoppy!

nursecindy-Just keep in mind Bud Lite isn't beer and any other recommendation will work just fine. But why, oh why, am I never asked to participate in studies like this one?

who needs a liver anyway?

I drank most of a fine bottle of port while reading this piece.

Travis is in love with his snake.

I wonder. If man will get so advanced that someday he /she will wonder what kind of creature the internet was...

" researchers from the University of Greenwich "

Researchers... That's code for " frat boy booze hounds ", right ?

Maybe the notion of "two pints" is where I make my mistake.
For example, Saturday night I had an ache, so I knew I should drink beer (thanks to the Blog's advice herein).
But since the article states "two beers offered 25% pain reduction", I of course, being the scientifically enlightened person that I am, drank 8- thus getting 100% pain relief.
Worked great that night.
Not so so much at Sunday morning wakey-wakey.

@Doug - so there is the origin of the Pink Floyd song "Comfortably Numb".

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