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March 15, 2017


Concerns stem over Innovation Park Middle School's name

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)

"stem over?"


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Stem cellS?

You know, It could be Floridian for "'Stem cells is hot in summertime"...

It also coukd be worse if the initials of the school were:

or IPP.

Snowflakes in training.

Why not change it to Innovation Middle Park School?

Then they can be The Fighting Imps.

IPJHS -- that would solve the problem

How about Hot Flash High ?

and just what does the board of 'ED' think about this, or are they having a weak response ?

The cheerleading squad is in for a pretty rough time. "Two, four, six, eight ....."

Know why they call it PMS?
Cuz Mad Cow Disease was already taken

When I was in the Navy we had a system using cards that gave detailed instructions for daily, weekly & monthly maintenance. The system was called the "Planned Maintenance System". When a officer would ask what I was doing I would answer: I've got PMS.
BTW there were only males on the ship.

Slightly straying from topic: why are modern day schools built without any imagination? The architecture style screams, "I'm a prison!"

steps away from microphone ..

I'd be more concerned about the word "innovation" appearing in the name of the school. False advertising?

*writes down idea for new iPhone app*

The school should change it's name, otherwise those kids will get really cranky every 28 days or so.

With the school colors being red, white, and black, the flag could be a bigger problem than the acronym.

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