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March 21, 2017


Seriously, why?

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Because the distressed look is stupid and fashion designers like stupid. Those jeans just take stupid to the next level. Now if that plastic was somewhere else........

Do "Mom Jeans" really come in Size Zero?

Aren't they generally as Dave once put it so well, Pants for the Bigger-Butted Man (or in this case, woman)?

That's gross, but shirts would be ok.

Because the knees are the windows to the soul or the pants are the window to the knees.

Duh, it's obvious..."for a futuristic feel."


If they expect me to pay $95.00 for a pair of jeans then I want all of the material there.

I'd think there'd be some greenhouse effect going on down there. And what's with the partially tucked in shirt?

♫ I can see clearly now
Your brains are gone ♫

Oh goody, more windows for resident border collie to lick.

A futuristic effect? That is one future I don't want to see. Shoot me now.

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