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March 22, 2017


New research suggests that if you want to maintain your relationship, having sex could give you and your partner a short term boost of sexual satisfaction which also has a longer-lasting effect on your relationship.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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In other words, screw me or screw you.

The longitudinal studies covered the ins and outs of this type of research..

Just exactly what I've been saying for years ( to no effect ).

haven't we all we all gone down on That road ?

internet gremlins playing with my posts today

No problem...Wait -- With each other?!

There is a story about an older ranch couple standing at a window looking out at their prize bull as he kept mounting cows. "You know hon", the wife said dreamily,"that bull knows how keep a female happy".
The husband replied, "but he has more than one cow to keep him interested."
Every version of this story ends with the husband never being seen again.

Sex gives a 48-hour 'afterglow' that helps bond couples together: study

If it's bonding you want, Super Glue and or drinking work well....

What would we do without research?

I think we'll study that.

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