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March 31, 2017


'Pooper-scooper' drone cleans up dog poo so you don't step in it: Aerial craft searches for animal waste then sends a rolling robot to collect it

(Thanks to coscolo and Le Petomane)


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'In the Netherlands, every year 100 million kilos [220 million pounds] of dog poo are not disposed,' Lievers explained.

The preferences of the dog poo are not of prime importance. Does the poo want to sit in under a tequila cloud, soaking up drinks? That thought makes me feel indisposed.

I have a neighbor that was constantly letting his little poodle do it's business in my front yard. Then one day I took my very large, yellow Lab for a walk to his house. I haven't had anymore problems since that walk.

We are all thankful that mammoths are extinct.

And it's only $49.95 per month!

The dogs in the Netherlands produce 220 million tons of poop every year! Just how big are those Netherland dogs?

And who weighed all 220 million pounds?

How does the drone or robot distinguish poop from a dog that has paid its monthly fee from that of a freeloader, aka a free-unloader?

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