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March 31, 2017


Tyrannosaurus rex was a sensitive lover, scientists find

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Kevin Smith and Ron Weil)


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So, what? It didn't roll over and go to sleep immediately? It called the next day and sent flowers?

It couldn't have been too good or sensitive. When's the last time you saw a satisfied T-Rex walking around?

She: What's your name?

He: Rex. T. Rex.

She: What does the T. stand for?

He: Tantric.

Just another reason to neuter scientists.

I told you guys scientists had WAY TOO MUCH free time...

"Doctor. Carr, welcome to Jurassic Park. We are most intrigued by your scientific article claiming T-Rex have sensitive noses and just wish to be stroked and petted. Gunther here will escort you to an area where you may test your theory firsthand. And do have a nice day".

Cue the Barrywhitasaurus. Baby, I only have short hugs for you.

This new T. rex theory has been aided by the discovery of a new member of the tyrannosaur family called Daspletosaurus horneri (Horner's frightful lizard) in Montana, US<

A horneri dinosaur?

Why not just ask Manilow and save all that money?

zamasana: Daspletosaurus horneri is named after paleontologist Jack Horner.

Oops, try paleontologist Jack Horner.

For some reason, closing that link with a backslash disables it. HTML = Horner Tyrannosaur Misteak Link?

Ralph, wasn't he the astronomer that was on PBS show 'Star Gazer' a decade ago?

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