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March 14, 2017


German Scientists Grow Tomatoes in Urine in Anticipation of Future Space Expeditions


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to boldly go where no one has gone before...be sure to pack some pepto...

I won't eat the lettuce at fast food joints. The idea of eating a tomato cultivated with piss is well, out of my world.

"There's a giant bag of lettuce and some tomatoes cultivated in piss back that came off the truck in the back."

"Should I was it before we put it on the Whoppers?"

"Hell no. Ain't got time for that s***, man"

Was = wash which did not occur at the restaurants I have inquired with.

"Do you wash the lettuce before you put it on a sandwich?"

"No, it comes in a giant bag with the tomatoes cultivated in piss."

BTW, some of the Tomato's closest associates were cultivated in piss.

Cultivated in Piss opened for Bruce Cockburn.

Captain Kirk would have blown those pissy tomatoes along with the scientist that thought them up out of the first available airlock.

Send these German scientists a CA AB-60 Driver's license and a giant bag of lettuce with numerous tomatos cultivated in urine.

♫ You say "Tomato"
I say " Nein, danke"

Somebody really studied the chapter in The Martian where the protagonist described in detail how he grew potatoes in his own poop.

Funny how cow or horse manure sounds OK but human urine........

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