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March 29, 2017


Woman arrested for blasting Ed Sheeran song repeatedly

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As I said yesterday, had it been Manilow we'd be talking the death penalty now.

Manilow is the penalty.

If that woman tried this in Roswell, New Mexico, she would, strangely enough, never be seen again. The same would apply to anyone playing Slim Whitman music. I honestly don't know how the aliens would respond to Manilow and really don't think it wise to find out.

"Manilow has nothing on ED Sheeran,"<'b> she said to the jailer, which prommpted him play James Blunt!

Oops, typos!

Happens now and then since a gypsy cursed me with Rick Astley!

I once chased off a couple from "my" scenic spot by playing Muskrat Love on endless repeat, loudly.

She deserves every minute of it.

livin on easy street...

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