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March 28, 2017


A family guesthouse owner has been given 21 days to change the name of his sleepy seaside hotel after calling it The VIAGRA Hotel

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "But business is up.")


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Why not call it The Trump?

In the headquarters of Pfizer, (the Viagra manufacturer) there is an indoor waterfall, a wall with water running down on it, and the employees call it Viagra Falls.

You can't book a room for more than four hours at a time.

Powerhead Hotel has a ring to it. Well, only if it so happens to be next to an aquarium that sells these water pumps.

He was facing some stiff competition.

Key phrase from the story: slapped with an ASBO

Used in a sentence: Who should be slapped with an ASBO today?

(And when was that hotel erected? asking for a friend)

Occupancy is up. Hope it all goes down well.

The name of the place with two tubs in every room, Cialis Inn, was taken.

Ah. Blackpool. Totally makes sense now.

" ... where members of the public have expressed their concern."

They need to read the side effects.

Guests check in with inflated expectations.

Suggestions for the new name:

The Vy Agra Appendage

The Sea-Alice Siesta

The Stiff Upper

Four Hours Fortnight

The Dickends Yousay

Hot to Trot

Doing It Hotel

--feel free to submit you favorite(s)---

The quicker pecker upper.

Maybe they could go with the generic names for Viagra?:


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