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March 20, 2017


Randy fetishist filmed 'having sex' with three MOTORBIKES after disgusted owners find holes cut in their seats

(Thanks to Le Petomane to DaninDallas)


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Wait, so those bumperstickers that say "Start SEEING Motorcycles" don't mean socially?

Triple ewww.

Hell's Angels were not amused.

Two nuns are riding their motorscooters through the back streets of Paris on their way to Notre Dame.
One says to the other, "I don't believe I've ever come this way before."
The other one replies, "It's the cobblestones."

A Burapha University spokesman warned students not to let anyone 'ruin your motorcycle.

Thanks, spokesman, for that 'intelligent' warning.

Maybe you can have campus police patrol more often? Or distribute wanted posters?

Hint: It's not the students fault, you morons! And most students can not afford to guard their bikes 24/7. (or hire someone else to.)


...Snork @ ligirl!

Randy who?

Arrest everybody there named Randy!

Randy Fetishist would be a great name for a rock band leader!

"See officer, it happened like this. I don't get out of mom's basement much and I'd scored some good stuff. Spent days watching that Easy Rider movie and listenin' to the Stones sing 'Get Your Kicks On Route 66' for days. When I got on the street there they were, three of the sexiest little motorbikes ever. And they were asking for it. You understand, right officer... uh, officer what's that in your hand?"

Nuthin' like scooter cooter.

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