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March 19, 2017


Footballer accidentally thanks his wife and girlfriend in incredible man of the match speech

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Does the international soccer authority still have a Witness Protection Program? Really a good deal on comfortable couches?

This dude needs a Witless Protection Program.

Might as well call it a farewell speech.

Back to zero? Not a hero...

♫ Alone again, naturally...♫

Too many blows to the head.

nothing like an Anas blunder - which gal gets to deflate his balls ?

Dude, this is the same speech John Wayne Bobbitt once gave, so sleep with one eye open.

He should have thanked his (soon to be) ex-wife and girlfriend.

I saw something like that in a movie once

Somebody should tell this Footballer that's exactly why we have the word, "sweetheart".

...and my other girlfriend, Rachel...and my other other girlfriend, Janice... and my sometimes-spare girlfriend, Leona...and the waitress from the George and Bunny pub, the tall one...and that girl from the gym last month, I think it was Sheila...

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