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March 22, 2017


Parrots flying high on drugs are annoying farmers by plundering poppy fields to feed their opium addiction

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Patty Villanova and Ron Weil)


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Parrots Flying High opened for Arlo Guthrie.

Lovely plumage. E's probably pining for the fjords.

ARRRG---Me bloody parrot has gone buggers.

"That parrot's dead."

"No, he's auditioning."

"How'd you know your parrot was on dope?"

"When he started slurring my words."

Hanging around Jimmy Buffet too long.

The parrots were offered booze, but still went for the raw "opiates", although some farmers reporter the few that did get drunk were mean and provoked fights.

What? In India? Nevermind...

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