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March 29, 2017


Couple who went ahead with their wedding after a hitman walked in and SHOT three relatives say they were 'trying to make the best of it' but were upset 'so much food was wasted' after guests fled

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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Where was he registered?

Pulling off a hit without spoiling a party is one of the finer points of etiquette, though "let's not bicker and argue over who killed who."

"Speak now or forever hold your peace," not "Shoot now..."

Next time, don't invite any hitmen.

♫ Making the best of a bad situation...

Eats, shoots and leaves. Hard to believe this didn't happen in Chicago.

Next week: The Daily Mail connects this to the dozens of UFOs that have been abducting wedding cakes in Brasil and how this relates to the Three Miracles of Fatima!

Anyone know if they make Kevlar tuxedos?

Amazingly, not Florida!

Why let a little attempted murder ruin a wedding?

"Half their guests failed to show for the reception, leaving Christina in tears" Yeah, bunch of wimps. Need to take the Deadwood attitude:

Seth Bullock: There's a blood stain on your floor.
Al Swearengen: Yeah, I'm... I'm gonna get to that

That's why it is important to always have a wedding rehearsal.

The food did not go to waste, it looked like the hit man had already hit the chopped liver.

Revenge for the death of his son? He probably killed himself due to his name being "Caca", which triggered a 2nd shot that killed the assailant's father!

As a Chicago suburb resident, I would note that a hit involves a professional, or at least an off duty or plainclothes police officer.

Walking in to a church during a wedding to avenge an earlier event is a Princess.

During a baptism is a Water Slide (might be one word and not two).

And don't talk to the capos in front.

"And for their first dance as man and wife, the bride and groom will trip the light fantastic to whatever song the guy with the gun says he wants to hear..."

"Couple say they decided to go ahead with the wedding but had to be medicated". Ya think??

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