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March 01, 2017


A new scientific test proves that people pee in pools.

(Thanks to Michael Huber)


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♫ PPool who needs PPool,
are the luckiest People..?? ♫

Another thing that should not be left in civilian hands...or pools...

Lifeguards just went (sorry) on strike.

the Pope is catholic

next ?

let's hope michael phelps pissed clean.

When you see the Tidy Bowl man sailing in the pool, get out.

And bears crap in the woods. Next question....

So the pools' level of ACP is 470 times the level in drinking water? What about bottled water? Distilled water? Cactus juice? There's loads of room for further research.

Color me shocked yellow.

We don't swim in your toilet, so...

When my kids were small and we'd go swimming at my parent's house, I told them if they peed in the pool a bright red ring would suddenly surround them and then everybody would know what they had done. Just to clarify who I told, I told this to my kids, not my parents. As far as I know the pool stayed clean.

I do not pee in pools. That's just rude. I have, however, peed in lakes.

Lets talk Baby Ruth....

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