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March 27, 2017


Italian news presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni suffers wardrobe malfunction on live TV

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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What makes them think she "accidentally" lifted her dress? Considering how she was dressed in the first place, perhaps she thought she was auditioning for a reality show.

The surprising part is that an Italian news babe was WEARING underwear. Musta been a Sunday broadcast.

Well, that's going to kill her ratings.

She is wearing an Italian hospital gown. Is that your teleprompter causing a scene or you just watching the news presenter?

Much ado about nothing...

Personally, I could spend some time watching her cover the breaking news from a flower show.

A news flash is a news flash.

Guess I'm a breast man. That was not worth the effort, but for the boobs.


Looking at her necklace, its nice to know she's got a spiritual side.

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