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March 17, 2017


A Moscow petting zoo is suing a Russian ad agency after they rented a raccoon that was used in a nude photo shoot.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I remember that song by The Beet-less - "Ruski Raccoon, something, something.." Anybody know the whole lyrics?

"...now the raccoon is obsessed with women's breasts. "

A career as a Hooters spokesperson awaits.

Muskrat Love?

Loco: Did you mean this, perhaps?

Rental Racoon,
Was brought to the room.
Hoping to find
Some nice corn.

Instead, filled with dread,
He saw on the bed,
They were just filming some porn....

I would have rented a beaver.

Big deal. Raccoons are always nude.

To be replaced with a midget in a mask. That's porn!

B.Duval: Not always.

Clip from Guardians of Galaxy movie

Now the raccoon is obsessed with women's breasts. If he starts drinking beer and watching sports, that raccoon is an honorary guy.

The story would add a nice touch to this song:

♫ Something tells me it's all happening at the zoo.
I do believe it, I do believe it's true.
The monkeys stand for honesty.
Giraffes are insincere.
And the elephants are kindly but they're dumb.
Orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages
And the zoo keeper is very fond of rum.
Zebras are reactionaries,
Antelopes are missionaries.
Pigeons plot in secrecy
And hamsters turn on frequently.
What a gas you got to come and see
At the zoo.

Just can't improve on Messrs. Simon & Garfunkel, though....

I'm sailing right behind

And how did they recognize the raccoon? They all are wearing masks!

MtB, thanks for the song clip. I love S&G!

Just another story about a falling out among Russian raccoonteurs.

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