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March 21, 2017


Man burns down parents' house, kills pets while trying to exterminate ants

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Fire ants??

he is availabe to help treat crabs and head lice as well.

And the ants? Still thriving, I trust ?

Sounds like this guy went overboard.

Be sure to check out the comments.

And also, is the last named pronounced "douche-shay" or "Douche-shet"? Just curious.

not enough fire in hell for this douchebag

Darren will have to find someone else's basement to crash in.

Don't pet stores sell anteaters anymore ?

Devon 'Damien' Douchette has a glowing future in government service.

An age-old problem: revolting peasAnts.

I don't think problem-solving skills will be a prominent part of his resume.

Maybe he should try a vinegar and water spray next time. It works for me. Somebody will have to show him the direction of the spray so he doesn't get it in his eyes. On the other hand, considering he killed the pets, let him spray it in his eyes. A couple of times.

Like Jeff Meyerson, I want to know if he was successful with the ants. I think there are old Warner Brothers cartoons about such folks.

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