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March 26, 2017


A man was found hanging upside down on a spiked fence with his pants down yesterday.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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were his pants down relative to the man or the fence?

Some passerby with a feather could have had an outrageously good time here.

Not just autoplay.. autoplay that autoplays when you turn autoplay off.

"This is how you found him"?
"Yeah, Sarge, he was hanging from that fence when I got here".
"The rescue crew is busy, might be a while before we can do much. Keep the situation secure and only let in the media and folks with cameras".
"Gotcha, Sarge".

Picking up where oneblankspace left off:

So he was caught with his pants up

but the rest of him was down.

Continuing oneblankspace's observation: He was caught with his pants down while he was hanging upside down. But when he was righted, his pants were still down, only inverted. So down can sometimes be up and up can sometimes be down. This is explained by quantum and beer. Makes sense to me.

FYI: For autoplay auto-off, the Ghostery browser extension blocks embedded video players unless you enable them.

And your point is....????

In college this happened a lot on weekends.

Punishment was cruel for horse thieving in the old west.

I'm sure there was a perfectly innocent reason.

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