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March 29, 2017


Sebastian Couple Tell Police They Are Part Of Illuminati

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says: "In that case, ma'am and sir, you are free to go.")


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Illum-n-Naughty? Is that what kids are calling these days?

They're not very good at this whole "secret" thing, are they?

About to be inducted into the Incarcerati.

Ma'am, what happens in the Illuminati, stays in the Illuminati.

The Douchebaggi is more like it.

It's important to stay awake and pay attention during secret ceremonies. They didn't get very illuminated, did they?

It looks like a good tasing would have been in order, then they really would have been illuminated.

The Illuminati in my town are not working - 4 lights on my street have been dark for 2 months.


And then she started yelling, "Who ordered the pastrami?"

The first rule of the Illuminati is: Never tell anyone you are a member of The Illuminati.

The second rule of the etc.....

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