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March 03, 2017


Vero Beach Man Found Naked In Van With Fire Extinguisher

It was a consenting fire extinguisher.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Fun with nozzles?

is that barney frank ?! not surprising

Put this man on the National Machinery and Tool Molesters list. First it was a motorized shopping cart, now it's a fire extinguisher. For the Love of Pete get this man off the streets before he moves on to gardening tools.

How else do you quell a "hunka hunka Burning Love"?

(Note: He did not have permission nor was it really a consenting extinquisher.)

Don't wanna know nothin' 'bout no kinda discharges, please.

Was it a consenting fire extinguisher?

Ironically, they now need to burn both the van and the fire extinguisher.

Van's got some 'splainin to do

He was a failed art collector.

No one ever wanted to see his van go.

Easy as A, B, C

he was just trying to get hosed

Spray and play.

I wonder what else was on his To Do list for that Day?

a Steller Transportation van

Steller? look at your picture again.

or Steller? I hardly knew 'er.

More like this kind of

Remember, preview is your friend ;-)

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