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March 11, 2017


But this mom is an idiot.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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I assume the kid's are the neighbor's
After all, no balls, no...

Not worthy of the term ("Mom", I mean. She is definitely a qualified idiot.)

That brat has a lot of balls.

Mom looks like she's been hitting the family bong a little too hard lately.

Give this 20 years, when Little Rocco is doing 35 to life, and this mom will be on the news, lamenting "Where did I go wrong?"

This further convinces me that kids need parents to be parents and not their cool and enabling best friend.

That wasn't too bright was it?

I dated a mindless, warm, loose, passionate woman much like Rocco's mom. She was a reckless, reverentially positioned idiomatic topless dancer who rarely wore clothes, anywhere. One evening when I picked her up from work, she falsely claimed she had dropped her night's tips out the window of the car onto the roadside and had me pull over to go look for the money. While I was looking, she had taken off her top and flagged down a car and caught a ride away from the scene. When we met up the next day due to getting a look only at her bare breasts in full flight while missing the license license number, our conversation became a dialogue of profound agitated nature. Like here was the way I normally spoke on the level with her. Not only was she an idiot, so were her sugar daddy(s).

Send Idiot Mom to Washington!

Jeff, it's already been tried.

Better yet, send her to Russia. Let's see how Putin likes...her balls...

They had to reach a new level of outrageous stupidity, because they were losing ground to the the "cash me ousside" twit in the competition to make the biggest ass of themselves possible.

Next time let little Rocco drive while mom and dad are in the back of the truck.

E. G. Robinson: " Is this the end of Rocco...? "

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