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March 02, 2017


Spiders take part in kinky sex to survive: They enjoy threesomes that last FOUR hours and if the female is left unsatisfied she devours her suitor

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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Ever spent four hours with a Web Master? I have. It feels like an eternity.

24-legged Threesome opened for Dave McCann & the Ten Toed Frogs.

Toad Frogs would have worked just fine, too.

let's see - so if a threesome is 3, & a twosome is 2, then what if I call you a handsome guy?

Q: How can scientists tell if the she-spider is satisfied?
A: She holds up score cards by her little legs.

you pay for dinner, or you PAY for dinner !

Human females have evolved past devouring their partners after sex. They now hire divorce lawyers to do the devouring.

That is funny. The female devours her suitor (ha)if she is left unsatisfied.

Have to admit, I never thought of trying it with a wheel ....

why not give it a spin, meanie ? you might just burn a little rubber

Couple of squirrels in our yard we're having a pretty hefty session yesterday morning. Resident border collie was whining like it was going out of style so let her out and all hell broke loose.

I may have missed spoke, ligirl. Hub-ba, hub-ba!

SNORK @ Jan in Grimsby!

"It's a cookbook!"

Never remember Marlin Perkins reporting on such goings-on...his kingdom was never THAT wild.

Note to self: Tell wife science shows that females are happier with three way sex. Important: Omit the part about it being two guys with one woman.

Never, ever tell a female spider to "eat me." She will!

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