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March 16, 2017


“She got into the bathtub, and they put ketchup all over to make it look like he murdered her.”

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Ha. Ha.

Wait, "inducing panic" is a crime now? Man, Donald Trump is in big trouble.

This case just adds to the caseload. They'll have to ketchup. Heh. (or is it catsup ?)

Inducing Panic opened for Satan's Cheerleaders. It was a helluva show!

Everyone knows you should use barbecue sauce....cause when blood dries...

♫ Incarceration, incarcer-a-a-tion ...

OMG that would induce panic.

Victim impact statement.

"You caused a lot of induced panic. I was really scared."

Judge: "Oh paleeseeeeeeeee. Were your teeny weeny emotions hurt, precious?


"Get that mop bucket over there and put it over the victim's head while I sentence these two fleas. He don't want see this. He may go into one of his horrific induced panic spells and we don't want to excite him to the point of being responsible for further little stressy damage to the weenie."

"When I have finished, take the bucket off his head and check his pulse."

page won't load, but I get the gist, and snork @ Meanie!

squeeze and squeeze the ketchup squirter
none'll come and then a murder

snork @ meanie - who Always cuts the mustard ;)

Why should I, a crude hot-dogging blogger, be slathered in unwarranted condiments? (No bun intended.)

oh c'mon you Know you relish it

Well, yes, to be frank, but to admit it puts me in somewhat of a deli-cate position. I'd rather avoid such a pickle.

so you're saying it's not kosher

they thought they could get away *clean*.

No big dill.

I can envision a short story where a fun couple stage the wife's bloody murder and send out the videos. Then the wife disappears...

Condom mints? Are they safe?

Hold the pickles hold the lettuce pseudo murder won't upset us..

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