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March 13, 2017


You don't want to know.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Wow isn't that something. I am glad that I don't live there. Brrrrrrrr.

Stay the heck out of Canada, Dave!

Tonight's forecast: vodka, followed by increasing tequila toward morning. Scattered empties accumulating on Tuesday, accompanied by a high of 0.4 or more. Roads and sobriety tests expected to be impassable.

^ *clinks glass*

Here's a geography quiz for Floridians: The icy house shown is in Webster NY, which is a suburb of Rochester. What province in Canada is this part of?

Hint: Cuba NY is about 80 miles south, near the Pennsylvania section of Mexico.

-ha! Ralph - but do you mean NY floridians, or Floridian New Yorkers ???

Dear diary--- For three weeks now, I have been frozen inside what was sold to me as a "Lovely lakeside cottage." What a load that was. Eskimos have it better. But when the ice melts and I am once again free, there is one realtor who will NOT be happy to see a returning customer.

"Don't worry," the real estate agent said, "you won't have any cooling bills...."

Of course, he did not mention the high heating bills...

you tell 'em Ralph.
NY needs credit for NY stuff.
The End.

If you look closely you can see Omar Sharif and Julie Christie at where the window appears.

What's more, bracing for 15" tonight (Snow. Minds out of the gutter.)

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