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March 02, 2017


Man spends $50,000 on over 100 procedures to transform into a 'genderless' ALIEN (and he plans to have his genitals, nipples and bellybutton removed next)

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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I think I work for this person! All they need is a PowerPoint clicker, and to repeat the word "basically" every 30 seconds.

In a very weird way, this kind of 'explains' (if you can say that) Kim Kardashian....

"Off with his genitals!"

"Your Excellency, He has no genitals."

"Some people never learn."

And your point is....???

DON'T CLICK! There is not enough eye bleach.

am I allowed to say that this thing is a complete freak ??!

There. I said it.

& it's on a TV SHOW ??! WHAT is the MATTER with people ??!?!

He said: 'My goal is to change everyone's mind about human dolls..."

Yes, demand for human dolls will evaporate once they 'meet' Vinny....

anthony weiner swipes right.

I can only imagine the entertainment this *guy*? would provide if he walked into a Texas roadhouse.

And a long and rewarding career in a boy band is almost a sure thing.

What fabulous results after only 100 or so procedures! Nope, no exploitation happening here.

When out in public he draws much attention, which he believes is down to some of his unusual standout features and dress sense.

Masking tape is 'dress sense' ?

I'm guessing he's single.

Not creepy at all!

You have got to admit that he certainly is a "hot mess."

So he can't reproduce, then. Disaster averted.

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