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March 30, 2017


Laser cutter used to assemble ham sandwich bust of Vin Diesel

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils 'horrifying' bronze bust of himself as Madeira airport is renamed in his honour

(Thanks to Kevin Smith, Ralph and Jan in Grimsby)


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This explains the Easter Island statues.

This is a really misleading topic headline. I expected a Kardasshian thread.

The Vin Diesel ham sandwich gives an entire new meaning to "cut the cheese".

It would mean more if the V.D. bust was hand-carved.

And as for Ronaldo's bust, a clever ploy to keep people away from the airport, so certain "deliveries" are not interrupted.

Get your minds outta the gutter. I was referring to UPS and FedEx deliveries in my earlier.

Except for the skin tone, a pretty good likeness.

Is there one of the Virgin Mary?

There will be.

Throw your tam into the air.

If they could find the Scary Lucy statue to stand alongside Ronaldo's bust, that would be enough to creep out most everyone including "delivery" dudes.

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