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March 20, 2017


Woman assaults mother with cheeseburger

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Police Report:

Additional comments: Assault with a Cheeseburger opened for Nights At White Castle"

I'll have a McBludgeon.

Or as it's known in France, a RoyaleBeatdown with Cheese.

I'm a little older, and slightly daef. What's the beef?

Big Mac Attack.

We need to get those things out of civilian hands.

I'm glad the mother kicked that 39 year-old brat out of her home.
Sorry that she got a-salted.

UnHappy Meal.

So the daughter carjacked another vehicle and fled the scene? Who has possession of the cheeseburger now?

This would never happen at Wendy's.
It's only considered assault if the burger is frozen, otherwise it's only a snack attack.

When dinners turn deadly. Tonight at 6pm.

The mother should thank her lucky stars she stopped at a McDonald's instead of a Chuck E. Cheese.

I guess in red states this sad altercation is considered the stuff of high humor, like the inane tweets of your hero. A distressed woman cursing and slapping her mother in a parking area? Must have been funny at the time.

If there is one thing Dave is not it is an insane tweeter. And take the women's lingerie off your head before you set down to type any more of your bitch notes...

manual tomato--Thank you sir!

Miss Scarlet with Col. Mustard in the drive-through Lane.

Haul her away in a patty wagon.

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