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March 13, 2017


Belgian astronomers who found planetary system named it after beer


(Thanks to Steve Lipman)


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All these years and I didn't realize I was an astronomer when I drink beer and stare up into the sky.

Tyrion wbagnfa dwarf star

I always thought Trappist Beer was a small log cabin bar in Alaska.

We come from Guiness, the dark planet. Take us to your liter.

The belching is likely due to (asteroid) belts being too tight.

It's a Trappist!

No love for Bud Light?


@wanderer: No. None at all.

Stellar Artois.

do they make their own moonshine ?

To be fair a lot of Belgians also name their kids after beer.

You are subject to acquiring cooties if you watch CNN. I have not subjected myself to cooties, or the Fake News since 2000. Copernicus Lite, half the calories, 90% the alcohol.

I picture a group of Sgt. Schultzes.

Amstellar Light?

Do the Belgians even make light beer?

Has the Heineken constellation been discovered yet? I call dibs....

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