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March 24, 2017


Meet Ripple: A tentacle-shaped wearable device for flirting

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Isn't this what nose hairs are for... ?

Yes of course. So is the app that makes my phone say "Boing! Schwing!" whenever an attractive lady walks by.

I usually rely heavily on Pheromones. "Excuse me, I noticed you are a little short on pheromones, but that tentacle-shaped device you are wearing causes me to want to hump you right here on the spot."

So now a sucker is worn every minute.

Um...I think it quite possible that the person staring at you may just be staring at the silly tentacle-shaped device you are wearing & wondering "what the hell is that person doing wearing a sea anemone on their shoulder?!?". But that's just me.

That reminds me, I've got to watch The Tingler again.

Of course, when sharing what happened when they met, (with family and/or friends) one always strives to be remembered for "being all tentacles over me."

Did anybody tell the developers that sea anemones are predators?

Isn't there a TV series in this?

"Florida Man" traces the adventures of Florida Man as
he struggles with inebriation in a series of wacky mishaps and annoying actions....

from the future TV Guide listing

last comment was for the movie theater posting, sorry.

Internet Gremlins, I suppose.

Re: tentacles: "oh, that's not right!"
-Guy Fleegman

Ohhh, "tentacles," not "testicles." Still doesn't make sense.

I agree with She. If I saw a man wearing something like this I'd run away as fast as possible. Especially when they started moving.

Are they serious? Ripple is the poor man's champagne.

With fronds like those, who needs anemones?

nursecindy has it pegged, only I would include ANY human wearing that thing outside of a Star Trek convention or in the confines of a mental hospital as inducement to run away.

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