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March 28, 2017


Escalator in Hong Kong mall suddenly reverses direction


(Thanks to funny man)


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More apocalyptic news.

The commuter rail stations in Chicago do something like that, but the escalators are not usually occupied at the time


"It wuz skerry. I koudn't beef."

Q: How does a traumatized woman living near Hong Kong pronounce 'breathe'?

A: 'Beef'.

Cool Police Story, bro.

Weapon of mass de-escalation? Exactly why one should ALWAYS stick to taking the stairs.

These Ronco escalators are just not worth the bargain! But, wait! Order now, and get a deluxe set of pocket defibrillators absolutely free!

I read about the first hundred comments following the story. Out of those, Greg's comment won my kudos:

The same thing happened in Detroit and some of the unfortunate riders were trapped on there for hours.

US escalators have an emergency stop button at the bottom that most people have never noticed. I don't know if it works when the drive chain breaks.

It needed a sign.

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