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March 21, 2017


Ancient statues are holding modern handbags in 100% definite proof of time travel

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The one on the left is a water bucket. The one in the middle is a bread basket. The one on the right is a ray gun.

If Fred and Barney were on the side of those lunch boxes, I'd be convinced.

Neither do I too.

It's an Ipad!

And to me, one of them is holding...well, looks like an anhk. Historically these were used in 'magic" ceremonies, to beat creditors senseless, and to make husbands say "uncle." (I think).

(Better ask Dr. Who, to be sure.)

One is a chicken farmer taking his lunch to work. The other is a jailer with keys and then we have an exterminator holding a spray gun. Ipads have been around for millennia, only recently to be reverse engineered by Apple to make lots of money. Thanks for asking, I'll be here all week.

Actually those are ancient husbands holding their wives purses while they shop. You can tell by the bored looks on their faces. Are any of the statues wearing jeans with clear plastic at the knees?

Isn't that first character Harvey Birdman?

And if you watched the video, you will see a multi-user hookahs pictured. I think we solved this, sort of.

It's where they kept their chariot keys.

I don't want to say aliens, but...

Sure, manbags have brought us one step closer to the era of time travel, but we won't know that day has truly arrived until guys are sporting sturgeon hats that drape down the back.

Time travel? I would have imagined that the statue of limitations would have prevented this.

There is a guy named Bob, everyone at work calls him Robert, who works at Sax Fifth Avenue in San Diego. Anyway I don't know the dude but I was told this by a co worker. Anyway Sax Fifth Ave., has invented a time machine and is selling it's handbags all over time. The Hun's have made some of the biggest purchases yet, they even go for the man bags. Sax has also been quite successful in the ancient Greek market, with muted natural colors and bags with short handles, as people are aware even back then that the long handles are easy for thieves to steal.

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