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March 28, 2017


Five medics are fired after footage of them dancing around naked, unconscious patient awaiting surgery goes viral

(Thanks to Patty Villanova)


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"I am feeling a lot of discomfort."

"You are having a heart attack."

"Can you do something fast."

"I am just a heart attack monitor...."

Dingus .. why would someone post video of that? Don't they think that HR looks at social media?

Dancing with the scars.

From the headline, didn't you expect to see the "five medics" dancing around naked...and weren't you a little disappointed to find that they weren't?

OK, just me then.

It's a Columbian thing on the medical side. Well, for a few.

A few months ago a Columbian nurse and plastic surgen performed a flash performance while in surgery. While dancing, the nurse was holding the patients insides and the surgen schimmied the patients opening.


*waiting for nursecindy to fess up, er, chime in*

WELL, would you rather your surgery be performed by drunk and grumpy doctors, or happy and partying medics?

It's Columbian, you know...

Heeey, Macarena-ectomy.

At least the patient, who we shall call Mr. Moon, was happily dozing at he time. It could have been worse if he was just in for a vasectomy and wide awake when the nurses started laughing and pointing.

Maybe we should plan something else on Dave's next book tour visit.

As long as they did not break scrub what is the problem?

This should inspire some new Hokey Pokey lyrics.

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