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March 24, 2017


Your iPhone's dirtier than a toilet

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Well, that doesn't surprise me, considering what all those perverted IPHONE owners do with their phones.

They did not see MY toilet.

Have they been tracing my IPee address?

Better wipe my search history.

Be sure to take some T.P. or wipes!

And flush er erase whatever you don't want.

I bleached mine and now it won't work. Thanks, science!

I'm sure this is true. After all, I've had some pretty racy conversations on my iPhone. Oh wait, dirty as in not physically clean. Never mind.

Guess we shouldn't have gotten rid of all the telephone sanitation engineers

Isn't there an app for iWipe?

That's the advantage of using Windows Phone.

But seriously, this is about as newsworthy as dog bites man. You spend all day touching random stuff with your hands, then you touch your phone. Unless you're a world-class germophobe, you don't wash your hands every time you switch from touching the phone to touching other stuff.
Your butt touches far fewer things, I hope, in the course of the day than your hands. So naturally, the toilet seat won't have as many germs as your phone or keyboard.

Blame Siri. You have no idea where she's been.

Douglas Adams told of an entire race of humans who succumbed to a virus caused by dirty phones after they had launched their telephone sanitation engineers into space. So we have been warned.

I would have to say it depends on the toilet.

Glad I ditched my iPhone for a clean Galaxy years ago.

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