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March 26, 2017


Hi Dave
I’ve been following your blog for a while. Your recent post Dave Barry's Blog: October 2008 really resonated with me.
I wanted to get in touch with you to discuss if we can work on something similar together.
If you’re interested let me know.


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You need to check your sp@m filter more often, Dave.

Obviously Russia has recently brainwashed this man and all of CNN.

Methinks Jacob should stick with building ladders.

A little behind. Probably a Nigerian prince. You're in the money now.

2008... It was a very good year.

No rush to respond before 2026.

I only get things like
Good Day,

Sequel to your non-response to my previous email I am re-sending this to you again thus; I am working on a short-term deal as to an unclaimed fund and I am thinking of engaging you as a partner . Pls revert asap with:

Names in Full:
Telephone/Fax Numbers:


although I did get one a few years back from a lawyer offering to help me get back all the money I had sent to Nigeria

Maybe he meant resin-ated instead.


All the (spam) emails I get are from (ostensibly) Nigerian princes asking help in reclaiming a fortune.

Some guys have all the luck, Dave,

Well I've won the Asia lottery! Twice!

Must have been this post:

Vicar hospitalized with potato up his bum

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