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March 14, 2017


Naked man becomes trapped in the wall of a sandwich shop after lowering himself down on a rope to go looking for a 'wishing well'

(Thanks to Patty Villanova and Le Petomane)


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dope on a rope...?

Firefighters arrived several days too soon.

"The voices told me the best wishing wells are found in the walls of sandwich shops. I was just about to find one when I got all jammed up, officer."

salami sandwiched, no dressing

Looking for a wishing well, wishing well...

Toss a coin in, or drop into one naked. Either way, you're better off grabbing a sandwich.

BOLO for this guy.

What a pickle. He mustard got bad information. Not hard for the cops to ketchup with him.

Freaky Fast has a different meaning over there

Anybody made a Terence Trent D'Arby reference yet? No? I'll check back.

Oh, there you are Jeff.

Thanks Jeff -- for helping me to remember.

Another idiot learning the hard way that getting from point A to point B through the ventilation ducts only works in the movies.

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