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February 24, 2017


Ball-rolling bees reveal complex learning

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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I've had some success training my bees with both the full-court press and with zone defense. We're working on concepts in clock management.

I'm sorry, but I thought B-Ball referred to 'basketball'.

" Bumblebees can be trained to score goals "

So there's hope yet for the Vikings.

Similar to a Nut-Rolling Wasp, but with less clerical cognitive implication.

There will be a stinging penalty for anyone giving them deflated balls.

Let's not tell the dung beetles, OK?

Where do they put on their tiny jockstraps?

Very impressive, but I'd really like to see the training method for the spelling bees...

If bees can be trained to move balls, they can be trained to fly drugs over our borders. If they can't prove they're American, ICE needs to round them up and deport them!

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