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February 27, 2017


But that will not stop us.


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- becuz Dogs are AWESOME, That's why ;)
next ?

So you can fire Judi?

Actually, there's no good reason you can't do that anyway.

Dog is my co-pilot

I won't call it wild, but that funny looking mix of concentration and savagery in his eye? Must have eaten a lot of this stuff.

My wife says salmon is very expensive. You don't buy it for yourself, going to give it to the dog. She only mentioned this when I asked her, "since when do dogs love salmon?"

Note" I was at the grocery recently and happened to look at the chuck roast thinking I would get me some fresh vegetables and make vegetable beef soup or stew. I decided to forget the idea when the chuck roast was like $77 a pound. I happened back through the area and overheard a meat department employee tell a woman who was standing with the very roast I had looked at earlier in her hand, "I may have some other better roast's in the back, would you like me to check?" She says, Oh no, it's not necessary. This is for my dog." She promptly picked up three large roast at the cost of like $200 + and put them in the cart. I thought what a fox. Blond, outstanding social presence, knows a lot about meat and cares deeply about her dog's needs. One of those money is no object trophy wives. Her husband must be so lucky.

manual tomato: On the Yukon River, when the Chum Salmon swim 2000 miles upstream to spawn, their flesh turns mushy. People in Alaska and the Yukon Territory eat the King Salmon; the "Dog Salmon" are fed to the dogs, who love to eat any fish they are fed, teeth and all.

I throw the ones back are that not smoked.

that are, are that...an upstream millennial influence caused it.

My IED, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, has recently began to impinge on my dyslexia. Bad scene, man.

Key metadata: Posted: 2 years, 1 week ago

This definitely calls for the Yes it's old. But it's important tag.

I tried to smoke a salmon once. Couldn't keep the damn thing lit.

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