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February 24, 2017


Texas A&M police arrested a man after he stabbed a woman in the backside with a pitchfork, police said.

Carl Turner, Jr. was on the College Station campus gathering pitchforks on Tuesday when he got into a fight, a police report said.

(Thanks to L Raymond)

"Gathering pitchforks?"


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That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about A&M.

American Gothic!

When Oliver Wendell Douglas goes bad.

Maybe he thought he was Mr. Haney and could corner the pitchfork market?

Probably not. "Crazy is as crazy does"....

On the plus side, if you get the urge to collect pitchforks we now know where you can go to harvest some.

He must have thought she was a hoe.

Name that tool!

Hammer handles are coming next.

Obviously, he was gathering pitchforks because they were ripe. Next question?

Governor Abbott's reaction.

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