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February 24, 2017


Update: This is old. Judi has been fired for the second time in a matter of minutes.

Woman ends up in hospital after 'confusing builder’s foam with her hair mousse'

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 1.26.03 PM

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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She hasn't mentioned the mess she made with the vagina lip glue which requires a specialist assessment under her plan. As well as a city permit.

Story of my life.

looks like a wedding cake from a Chuck E. Cheese reception

"And you never looked lovier, my dear!" --attributed to Vidal Sasson before he was Bludgeoned To Death.

Is it Oscar season already?

Lady Gaga Senior?

Think Madonna plus 40 years.

With building foam, her hair will have more structure.

I was not aware A Flock Of of Seagulls was looking for a new singer.

Who keeps building foam next to their hair mousse?

She 'appears' to be thinking "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!"

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