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February 28, 2017


A three-foot-long panda was spotted in southwest China eating a goat

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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The goat was served on a bed of bamboo leaves, so it's ok

I still have Bloody Goat Bones' first album.

eats shoots & leaves . . . & goats ?

Meat Eating Pandas opened for All Pigs Must Die, a heavy metal experience in 1995,

This panda was confused. They are supposed to eat, shoots and leaves. Apparently this one didn't shoot anything and didn't leave. Don't pandas understand the importance of comma placement these days?

Have they been spotted in the Everglades yet?

Trump blamed it on Obama.

MTB-I have never been to the Everglades, but am led to believe the life expectancy of goats or pandas there would be about fifteen minutes or 500 feet, whichever comes first.

That panda got somebody's goat.

My favorite track on Bloody Goat Bones' first LP is, Jumpin' Jack Goatmeal. "Jumpin' Jack Goatmeal gave me gas, gas. Gas."

What happened to its other foot?

Maybe the goat meat was a carry out dinner from Panda Express.

Anybody thought of this yet? No? OK, I'll do it:


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