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February 22, 2017


Mysterious lost Chacoan civilisation was ruled by women

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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The difference between the Chacoans and us is: they admit it.

' - lived in huge sprawling mansions with hundreds of rooms '

- the better to escape your Mexican food farts, my dear

The Chacoan civilization was ruled by women but was ultimately lost because the Chacoan men refused to stop and ask for directions.

And stay off their lawns, as they ...well, you don't want to know the penalty.

Relax, they're not gone. They're just late ....

Sinatra: " Chacoa... is my kinda town. "

These are my long lost relatives (my last name is Coan)! That explains why the women in my family are not to be messed with.

Scholars have determined the fall of the Chacoan civilization was caused, oddly enough, by a series of wars and skirmishes that seemed to occur every 28 days.

Le Petomane will now issue an apology ....or face the wrath.....

The Chacoans were matrilineal, as are modern Pueblo native peoples -- that is, inheritance passes through the female line. This is a fairly common human pattern. It has NOTHING to do with ruling or "matriarchy". Sad!

Chacacoan, chacacoan.

They also found the skulls of a 40-year-old man who was killed from a blow to the head.

skulls ?

another entry in The XX Files

The 40 Y/O guy who had his skulls bashed in likely made the same comment Le Petomane did.

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