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February 27, 2017


A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for amputating a woman’s finger with a machete and then drinking her blood during a ritual to honor a fellow fan of the Insane Clown Posse hip-hop duo.

It gets weirder.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Jon Harris)


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I don't get it. She volunteered her finger. It's her own damn fault.

nursecindy was amused, by the way, at their attempt to cauterize her wound with a cigarette lighter.

"They tried to stop the bleeding with a cigarette lighter? I'm going to assume they were attempting to cauterize the wound but you don't do that with real fire. There's so much stupid in this article it's mind boggling."

Any relation to Wisconsin's Ed Gein?

It started off as a pot luck supper. Trouble ensued when someone was asked 'What's for dessert' and the answer was 'Ladies's fingers'

Unless their Juggalo paint was green and gold, I can assure you they were from way out of town. Sheboygan at least.

This is why I stopped playing "Rock, Paper, Machete".

It's stories like this that fuel coulrophobia.

"If the glove don't fit..."

ICP has "concerts" once or twice a year in the theater next door to where I work. I see them lining up hours before the doors open and, let me tell you folks, these fans are not to be easily mistaken as Wally Cleaver types.

Wanderer - they may be some sort of cleaver types, at least.

If only some ruffian had dumped a bucket of snow on both of their heads....

I bet there was some pinky 'swearing'

That little piggie isn't going to go " Wee, wee, wee " all the way home anymore.

An old mining camp adage: "If their brains were dynamite, they couldn't even blow their nose".

What Jeff said. Morons!

What I said: Give 'em the finger!

The DAMNING - Compnent of this crime: No Mac-N-Cheese with ladyfinger...

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