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February 28, 2017


'Jesus' gets cross stuck in underground station roof as he travels up the escalator and shouts 'oh s***'


(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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The (Second) Greatest Story Ever Told.

I saw Fancy Dress Jesus open for Three Dog Night.

It is a cruel and insane world that makes Jesus haul his own cross to the rooftop.

He should have asked Dad to borrow the teleporter.

You'd think he wouldn't need an escalator.

He was taking the motorized stairway to heaven.

At least it didn't take him three days to become unjammed.

Was it old, and rugged?

Where are disciples when you really need them?

Nobody Lent him a hand?

Nailed it.

We're going to need a bigger handbasket.

Oh, Jesus!

The Romans used 2 x 4's?

He was next heard yelling, "Oh, for my sweet SAKE!"

Ralph: Actually they were II x IV's.

Truly he is anybody's only hope

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