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February 24, 2017


Dead body in Aldershot reported to police was actually a man sleeping

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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he ain't dead yet . . .

Punking the cops in Aldershot...can get you shot!

(That's how it got its name, when Alder was shot, I believe...)

Nearly a grave oversight.

funny man- Was Alder the shooter or did Alder get shot? Maybe Alder looked dead because he was shot. Did Alder shoot someone else? I'm confused, but afraid to use my brain.

Le Pet, it's all academic. And I don't know. Just speculating.

But dead is dead, unless you believe in Ghosts, Zombies or vampires. Or sleep, I guess.

Was the man shot in Aldershot an Alderman?

Very Flathead County

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