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February 23, 2017


Is there such a thing as Canadian cuisine? One woman went on a five-year quest to find out

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Crullers and beer.

If there is, I hope to blazes it's better than poutine.

Nothing finer than a fresh sous vide poutine with maple syrup on it.

Not that many obese Canadians. What does that tell you?

Did she fly around in a spaceship with that other Canadian, William Shatner?

from coast to coast and north to south.

couldn't you just say « from coast to coast to coast » ?

I've had some wonderful Canadian cuisine in Quebec. I've also been served rancid moose jerky in the Yukon. Canada is a big country.

I was doing some work on a remote Canadian mine once. The bunkhouse cook made a sourdough crust pizza with cheese, fresh picked mushrooms, smoked salmon and optional crushed red pepper you could sprinkle on. Looked odd, but tasted great. I've never seen or heard of a salmon pizza since. Too bad she missed finding one.

Gotta love the expression "ate her way across the country".

I had a restaurant meal in Vieux Quebec years ago that was superb. They've got some French-cooking and -serving abilities up north.

The cool thing about central and western Canada is that it's almost like you're entering another country. They have their own laws, currency, units, and everything!

[Hat tip to The Onion.]

Tourtiere was not mentioned.

What about stewed moose lips ?

I wonder if in some North Country towns there are any places that still serve the cornish meat pies called pasties. I love those things but they have sadly disappeared most places. They were a staple in Old West mining towns.

A mixed six pack of Moosehead and Molson. Side of poutine. That is all...unless you want the blubber soup.

If you ever watched SCTV McKennzie Brothers you would learn everything you need to know about Canada. Check them on U-Tube.

Day 1: Poutine
Day 2-15: Work through the menu at Tim Horton's

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