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February 02, 2017


A ferret is recovering after being fitted with a pacemaker during a rare surgery at Kansas State University.

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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Should the squirrels develop this technology for their own use, the scenario is terrifying.

The university says Zelda was released two days after the surgery and should enjoy a normal ferret lifespan, which the school's veterinary college says generally is about 10 years.

Unless, of course, the student vet left a Junior Mint inside...

Aorta take better care of him now.

Feel good story for this ferret caretaker ;-)


My (past) co-worker had a pet ferret. He let him run free in the apartment.

One day he couldn't find the ferret anywhere.

He started moving furniture around, afraid he'd find a dead ferret.

Instead, he heard a loud crunch and found the ferret. When he checked and lifted the sofa, there was the ferret, crushed against a wall and blood everywhere.

(I still think the squirrels had a role in this.)

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