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February 22, 2017


Fearing "feral hog apocalypse," Texas approves drastic measures

We saw Feral Hog Apocalypse open for the Clash.

(Thanks to Chris Johnson and Jeff Meyerson)


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found in my desk, a note I forgot to send on:

Mr. Language Person:

Is it better to call someone a boar, or a bore?


Miss Piggy

Coming soon to SyFy! Where are Tiffany and Deborah Gibson when we need them.

Let me know when exactly I need to repent. Wouldn't want to jump the gun.

Kaput Feral Hog Lure poison? Really?

Paging Ned Beatty.

Some see feral hog apocalypse; others see bacon.

Paris, TX, is on high alert.

Jurassic Pork ?

"As a state senator, Miller authored legislation that allowed for the shooting of wild hogs from helicopters. Now, more than 27,000 wild pigs are killed that way.."

Did y'all see that video for HeliBacon?

What about Paris, Chris? It's within the D/FW viewing area.

dunno, MOTW,
pretty sure they cry
'oui oui oui!'
all the way home

^ ligirl

Near Paris, there’s also: Reno, Blossom, Naples, Bogata, New Boston, Quitman, Telephone, Ben Franklin, and Petty.

Poisoning with Warfarin is dead stupid (maybe John Warfin has a better plan, Monkey Boy). Wild pig hunting is something I have wanted to try.

Send them to Washington.

They have already found some in Virginia...

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