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February 02, 2017


I got this in the mail today. It appears to be one of my books, but I don't know what language it's in. Romanian, maybe? For all I know it says "This American Dave Barry actually gets PAID to write this crap."

Book cover


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Hi Dave,
Yes, it is Romanian. Here is what they say:
In aceasta povestire fantastic de amuzanta, spusa de Wyatt Palmer, un pusti de clasa a VIII-a de la scoala Gimnaziala Culver, Dave Barry ne invita la Washington, intr-o calatorie cu peripetii. Wyatt si cel mai bun prieten al sau, Matt, alaturi de o gasca de pusti, intalnesc in avionul care ii duce spre destinatie doi tipi super-ciudati, pe care ii considera teroristi. In incercarea de a-i „deconspira", incep o aventura care se desfasoara cu o viteza ametitoare, printre cladiri si monumente istorice. Sau, pe scurt, intra in tot soiul de belele. Si toate astea doar pentru a-I salva pe presedintele american de la un atac. Sau nu?!

I hope you like this review

What a trip! Were you (tripping)? NTTAWWT.

Hablo peace?


I don't know how to make that linky thingy.

The price is 24.65 Lei (15% discount), which is about $5.87

I don't know Romanian either.

wasted away again in trasanitaville


-Put your link inside quotes
-Add to the left:
a href=
-Add a less-than sign on the left, and a greater-than sign on the right
-Add whatever text you want to appear to the right
-Close on the right with:
less-than sign
greater-than sign

Shake, and pour into tall glass over ice.

Qaz--Can you translate that review into traditional Klingon?

♪ you putcher link inside, you add a left a href,
then add a greater sign & whatever text you want -
ya close it with a less than - slash a - greater sign
That's what it's all about ;)


All I could is Chinese (simplified Chinese, mind you)


But you cold use the Google Translate to any language (not Klingon). Type in the search bar Google Translate and paste in the left window that will open. On the right side you can select the right language.

@Meanie - thank you very much.

The only foreign translation of one of my books is also in Romanian: "Retele de Calculatoare" (with a ț in the first word).

Maybe they just like guy's named Dave....

The light was blue.

Press " 1 " for English.

Wait'll I find the Yiddish translation.

Romanian book signing tour on the horizon?

Oh, so it's Romanian not Romulan. That explains a lot and about those drinks....

It looks to me like that kid is running away from a murderous school bus.
In Dutch it translates to:
gekste schoolreis
de laatste biljard plus jaren
I wish I spoke Dutch.

Here is the Google translate version of Qaz's link.

Unsolicited advice on how I looked up Dave's picture. I use Google Chrome browser. If you place pointer on the pic, and do right click, a menu will open and you have an option for " search Google for picture" (or something like that). It will find your pic if Google knows it.
Alternative is also easy - you place the pointer on the pic and "drag" it on the search bar. Google will find it.

I dragged an x-ray of my kidney stone onto the Google Search Bar. I was provided a link to some salve I didn't know existed, but was recommended by Chuck Woolery.

I use this engine where a tracking record of my searches are not made available to people like Chuck.

You have to wonder how American humor translates into Romania. I mean... Isn't that where Dracula's castle is...?

Dave's agent should look into getting him a gig recommending salve. If I had an agent - first thing I would ask for.

It is more or less just a straight translation of the standard blurb.

More or less:

In this amusing, fantastic tale narrated by Wyatt Palmer, an eight grader at Culver Middle School, Dave Barry invites us on a class trip to DC. Wyatt, his best friend Matt, and a gang of kids are on a plane to the nation's capital when they meet two super-freaky guys (!!) who seem like terrorists.

In their attempt to uncover the assumed plot, the kids begin an adventure that takes them through Washington's historic buildings and monuments at a breakneck pace, and gets them in all sorts of trouble.

Will their efforts save the American President from attack, or not?


Oh, those wacky super-freaky terrorists!!

@manual - Dave might try selling a salve for "extreme butt pain". There are millions and millions of Americans suffering from this condition right now.

Typing "cea mai" into translate.google.com is enough to confirm Romanian, and the text seems to be an accurate translation of the title. Dropping the Romanian provided by Qaz on it gets you something that almost matches what Uncle Snoopy said.

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